Milestones: New and Upcoming Major Projects in Grapevine

Milestones: New and Upcoming Major Projects in Grapevine Main Photo

1 Feb 2024

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Like many communities in the United States, the City of Grapevine spent most of 2023 eagerly anticipating a return to form. Even with interest rates and construction costs elevated, developers began to settle into a rhythm as consumer behavior shifted away from the “new normal” of trends shaped by the pandemic and back toward a more recognizable baseline. Multiple projects that had been paused or delayed came back online, and the City benefitted from a brick-and-mortar boom that saw major retail brands looking to expand their omnichannel footprints.

To celebrate, we’ve assembled a list of great projects that chose Grapevine last year... and a few that are set to arrive in 2024.

Quality Over Quantity: Annual Trends from 2023

The City of Grapevine recorded fewer verified new Certificates of Occupancy in 2023 than in the two years prior, with a total of 117 C/Os issued last year. That’s down about 25% from 159 in 2022 and 158 in 2021, with a 20% drop in total square footage for those projects.

A significant portion of that disparity comes down to user types: 2022 brought a wealth of large-footprint concepts – wholesalers, warehouses, healthcare providers, and office users – to the market. Demand for those industries faded last year, to be replaced by consumer interest in restaurants (up 68% in square footage from 2022 to 2023 here in Grapevine) and retail (up 7% year-over-year). Retailers and Restaurants accounted for 40% of new Certificates of Occupancy issued last year, and roughly one out of every five square feet built or renovated in that time span.

Many of those projects were hotly anticipated, as well: from the first Meow Wolf in Texas to one of the nation’s fastest-growing chains in Chicken N Pickle, Grapevine added multiple potent attractions to an already expansive list of visitor draws. In less than a year of operations, those two users combined to attract a 695,742 visitors. Combine that with a mix of well-known retail brands like Arhaus and The North Face – as well as popular local restaurants like Oishii Sushi and Pan-Asian Cuisine, Mister O1 Pizza, Son of a Butcher, and Velvet Taco – and you’ve got a recipe for massive growth here in the heart of DFW.

We expect to see even more locals and tourists making the trip to Grapevine now that those vendors are open, and the development won’t stop there.

The Next Big Thing(s): Projects Confirmed for 2024

Much of the Economic Development world happens behind closed doors or on confidential phone calls, so we can’t talk about some of the most exciting things coming to Grapevine in 2024 just yet. But several important projects have progressed far enough to be shared publicly, and we want to celebrate each of them. Here are the concepts that are projected to open this year: 

Matt King Mystery Center – named after the visionary Texas artist who founded Meow Wolf, the Mystery Center is the final installation at The Real Unreal… until the next one. The main exhibit will never stop evolving, but the Matt King Mystery Center will remain a distinct, dedicated area for creativity, free programming, and special events that can be booked by community members for everything from birthday parties to corporate gatherings.

Sam’s Club – following a passionate postcard campaign executed in partnership with the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce, the bulk sales giant opted not only to re-open their storm-damaged property but to fully renovate it. The Grapevine Sam’s Club is projected to resume operations by the end of the year with new automation and a redesigned interior, and we anticipate that their fuel station will be back online even sooner. Perhaps most importantly, those renovations should generate several dozen new job openings.

[REDACTED] at Crossroads – we can’t share specifics on this user yet, but we believe it’s a game-changer. The restaurant cluster at the intersection of Highways 121 and 114 has underperformed in recent years, with both new traffic patterns and evolving restaurant trends impacting visitation to a once-thriving development. A new concept will be taking over two of the pads at the North end of the center, and we’re confident that the atmosphere and food they offer will be the area’s first step back to greatness. 

Firebirds Woodfired Grill – set to open this Spring, Firebirds will combine an excellent scratch menu with a warm atmosphere (and craft cocktails) to create a one-of-a-kind experience. One of the final concepts to open in the lot that once hosted Payton Wright Ford, this affordable upscale brand rounds out a collection of fast-casual and high-quality restaurants at the corner of Main Street and HWY 114. 

Rock & Brews – the anchor attraction in that same center will be Rock & Brews. The music-themed, family-friendly restaurant with a robust menu was announced as the centerpiece of the redevelopment effort last year, and developers are looking forward to the completion of the project this Summer. The final buildout will feature a wide array of recognizable and original meals, treats, and beverages as well as a truly unique collection of décor and design elements.

Portillo’s – The iconic Chicago chain plans to open a new store alongside several of the restaurant users listed above. Few announcements have generated the same level of enthusiasm that this one did, and – while the details haven’t yet been finalized – the Portillo’s on 114 projects to be a top performer in the City from day one.

Of course, there are plenty of other exciting developments in the works. From the final pieces of development on a City-owned tract at the Northeast corner of town to a very important property in South-Central Grapevine, we’re looking forward to bringing some truly amazing concepts to market in 2024 and 2025. We just can’t talk about them... yet.

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