New in Grapevine: April 2022

New in Grapevine: April 2022 Main Photo

3 May 2022

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Between an official groundbreaking for Chicken N Pickle and a new vision and ownership for Grapevine's Foundry, plenty of exciting developments didn't land on the official Certificate of Occupancy list for the past month. But your Economic Development Department is keeping you in the loop, regardless. Here's a look at what's coming to Grapevine as of April 2022:

Chicken N Pickle Breaks Ground in South Grapevine

While this exciting entertainment concept won't open for a while yet, it's worth celebrating that construction on the franchise's largest location is underway at 4600 Merlot, right beside historic Delaney Vineyards. Concerned citizens needn't fear; the Vineyards are still intact, with a slightly smaller collection of grapevines to manage. But your venue rental options are going to be a lot more fun once there's great food and indoor/outdoor pickleball next door!

Let Pharmaceutical Phreedom Ring with Liberty Software

These providers of online and in-app Pharmaceutical support have opened up a Grapevine office on Northwest highway. You won't be able to pick up your medications there, of course, but the men and women who report to work here in Grapevine will be doing important work that makes it easier for pharmacies to serve clients all over the U.S. Their new 5,000 square-foot facility at the border of Grapevine and Southlake was the right prescription for success!

Lucky Jiu-Jitsu Ready to Roll (and Spar) Beside Mustang-Panther Stadium

Offering instruction in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. Kickboxing, and Muay-Thai Kickbox exercise classes, Lucky Jiu-Jitsu accepts a wide array of students, from adults to "lil monkeys" who just need to swing around and get out some energy. We hear "grapevine" means something different in jiu-jitsu, and we expect these martial artists to have the same sticking power that the technique implies.

Freedom Solar Power Gets You Beyond "Off the Grid"

Why just get off the grid when you can have your own? Freedom has been installing solar panel systems in Texas since 2007, but they've never had a home office like the 22,000 square feet they launched in Grapevine. As renewable energy grows here in Texas, homes and businesses alike can all book appointments for a Panel Discussion (or at least a free estimate) wih Freedom today!

R Town Brings the Arts to Our Town

Grapevine's (and the University of North Texas's) own Rachel Townsend is taking over the Foundry on Main Street. Formerly a space for sculpture and metalwork. the new R Town Studios provide up-and-coming artists with a place to showcase their work or hone their skills. This Arts incubator opened on April 27; which means they'll get crackin' just in time for a summer heatwave!