New Business Openings: January 2022

New Business Openings: January 2022 Main Photo

9 Feb 2022

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New businesses arrive in Grapevine all the time, and January 2022 was no exception. It's fairly common to see restaurants, retailers, and office users setting up shop in our City, but we want to make sure new businesses feel at home as soon as they arrive. Grapevine Economic Development proudly welcomes the following new users to our wonderful commnity:

Office - Aqore LLC

Specializing in custom computer programming, Aqore is the latest in a series of IT and Technical Support companies to choose Grapevine. While the company services most of North America, their staffing and recruiting software is definitely going to get a workout reading through thousands of well-qualified resumes here in North Texas!

Office - Aisleworx Media Corp

Based in Delaware, this shopping cart innovator is adding a North Texas branch on Portamerica Place, a popular landing spot for corporate users and those who need a little extra warehouse space. Aisleworx specializes in fabricated shopping carts for supermarkets and department stores, providing a fun way for families to bring children along for the ride. They also provide digital solutions for online shopping.

Service - Expressive Beauty

Providing everything from skincare services to eyelash and eyebrow maintenance, Expressive Beauty is a new salon that will fit right in with burgeoning developments along Northwest Highway. Their team received a Certificate of Occupancy on January 7, 2022 and are already taking appointments.

Retail - Adidas Outlet

Europe's most popular sportswear retailer has a new storefront at Grapevine Mills Mall. Having relocated from a smaller space, the new Adidas Outlet is doubling down on Grapevine - literally! The new store will be twice as big as the previous one, just like your kid's new kicks at the start of every school year.