Grapevine's Unparalleled Accessibility

Market Access in Grapevine is second to none. In fact, it’s what separates us from our competitors in the DFW Metroplex. We sit at the convergence of seven major highways in a state where a “short drive” is usually 20-30 minutes. We have infrastructure in every direction while avoiding the congestion and gridlock of downtown Dallas or Fort Worth, even as we maintain direct access to both. We are a hub for logistics, consumers, commercial businesses, and international travelers all in one place.

We are uniquely positioned for auto, truck, train, and air access in a way that others just can’t match. Your business address will offer you an immediate advantage over your competitors as well.


Thanks to DFW International Airport’s variety of nonstop national and international flight options, the entire world is within reach of Grapevine. Most destinations within the continental US are less than four hours away. DFW International Airport was built on Grapevine land, providing a 5-10 minute drive to one of six terminals. It provides nonstop service to 56 international destinations and provides world class service throughout your experience.


The newly-constructed Hotel Vin development is a $115 million investment that provides the transit solution of our region. It houses the station for TEXRail, a commuter rail service that opened in 2019 and that provides access to DFW International Airport to the north and through the suburbs and into Fort Worth to the south. Future development has it expanding east out to Plano as well, connecting the region in a way that’s never been seen in North Texas.

More Resources

If you’re interested in more regional data or more specific transportation-related facts, we recommend visiting the North Central Texas Council of Governments transportation resource page. There you’ll find a number of detailed maps and resources that have been provided by an organization dedicated to the subject in North Texas.