How To Become An Entrepreneur: Find A Problem And Be The Solution

27 Aug 2021


Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy or simple profession, but as with any field, there are basic principles that govern success. The most fundamental truth in entrepreneurship is this: find a problem and be the solution. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, your business must fill a gap, solve an issue, or provide a product that didn’t previously exist. 

That’s exactly what entrepreneurs Carl C. Schuessler, Jr. and Barry Murphy did. They understood that the healthcare crisis in America is ongoing and many employers are struggling to navigate it. They found that employer-provided health insurance can be a confusing road to navigate, and it is difficult for employers to provide quality benefits at a cost that respects the corporate bottom line. With failed solutions from traditional health insurance carriers, many employers have given up on trying to find good, yet affordable, coverage for their staff.

This is the problem Mitigate Partners set out to solve. Now, they act as the problem-solvers, consulting with businesses on employee benefits, risk management, and cost containment. Their success—they have 30 independent offices across the United States—can be attributed to that basic entrepreneurship principle. They are the solution to a problem many business owners are facing. 

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