5 Tips for Attracting the Best Job Candidates in Today's Labor Market

17 Aug 2021


The landscape has changed dramatically for businesses accessing the labor market pool. Employers have to rethink how to approach prospective employees if they plan on meeting their hiring demands. Job shortages have created a frenzy where companies are scrambling to adopt a new approach to hiring new team members in pursuit of a different type of job engagement.

Every day I coach companies that are desperate to find workers who can support their growing business. Many of these businesses have unfortunately had to turn business away, because they don’t have enough staff to support the influx of work. According to the most recent Labor Department’s Jolt Report, more than nine million jobs are available and yet employers cannot find employees.

From the hardware store manager, to the local restaurant owner, to the window cleaning vendor — businesses are crying out for more employees. Recently I was visiting a local recreation center in New York City that has been paying their lifeguards $30 an hour because of the employee shortages. While this is an exceptional living wage, it is not sustainable for many small businesses trying to grow their company.

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