‘Growing Grapevine’ Podcast Plans Return to Main Street in Season 3

‘Growing Grapevine’ Podcast Plans Return to Main Street in Season 3 Main Photo

7 Jul 2024

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First launched in November of 2021, the ‘Growing Grapevine’ podcast has covered just about every marquee project in recent Grapevine history. The first two seasons, published monthly in 2022 and 2023, summed up the economic forces and major projects that shaped the last half-century of development here in Grapevine; from the arrival of DFW International Airport to an in-depth look at Grapevine Mills.

But one beloved area has yet to be explored: the Historic District.

Thanks to roots in the 19th century and landmarks from the 21st, both Grapevine’s Authentic Historic Main Street and the neighborhood surrounding it are packed to the brim with interesting stories and colorful characters that have been hinted at in seasons past. Now, host and producer Steven Jones has something more intricate in mind.

A Stand-In for the City

Few shopping centers have the iconic appeal and cultural drawing power of Main Street. It’s one of the most recognizable areas in all of Grapevine, beloved by residents and visitors alike and made famous by festivals and events that draw in hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. In some ways, it’s the most obvious subject matter for a show dedicated to “the people and policies behind one of the most unique communities in Grapevine.”

But a reputation like that demands excellent reporting.

“I think you could poll one hundred people who have lived in or visited Grapevine and at least eighty-five of them would describe red bricks, bronze statues, and quaint storefronts,” Jones said. “For most people, the two-hundred-and-fifty-acre Historic District at the center of town is a distillation of all 36 square miles constituting the City of Grapevine. Roughly one percent of the land, a stand-in for everything that makes this community special. There’s a linguistic term for that: synecdoche; a reference to part of something meant to symbolize the whole.

“When it comes to Grapevine, Main Street offers the synecdo-keys to the City. We knew we couldn’t rush this story, so we took some time to bank up interviews and gather different perspectives. It’s been a long hiatus, but I hope our listeners will agree that the extra time and effort was well worth it.”

We’ll find out soon: the monthly podcast is slated to return in August 2024, with new installments stretching into the summer of next year.

The Economic Engine of Grapevine

As established in seasons past, Main Street isn’t the most prolific stretch of the City in terms of raw dollars. Several of Grapevine’s corporate and industrial users generate more sales tax than the entire district combined, and you won’t find any of the small-footprint storefronts on a list of top revenue producing vendors in the City. The things that make this area special go beyond numbers.

“Main Street is, I think, the economic engine of Grapevine,” said Councilwoman Duff O’Dell. “Having that thriving downtown drives not only the tax dollars we get from our restaurants and retail businesses, but [creates] a good place for our citizens as well as our visitors. I think revitalizing Main Street has been key to the success of Grapevine.”

O’Dell joins a litany of other experts – from fellow councilpersons to local operators – on the list of people who will unpack the special appeal of this celebrated area. Announced guests so far include:

  • City Council Members Freed, Rogers, and O’Dell
  • Grapevine Chamber CEO RaDonna Hessel 
  • Grapevine Historical Society Communications Director Larry Groebe
  • Coury Hospitality Chief Commercial Officer Tom Santora
  • Trinity Metro Board Members Jeff Davis and Tito Rodriguez
  • Grapevine Escape co-owners Russell and Amber Sebastian
  • Restaurateurs Steve Brown and Dan Weinberger
  • Staff from Grapevine’s CVB, Public Works, and Parks & Recreation Departments

Production on the season is underway, with more interviews expected in the coming weeks and a new trailer out now.

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