Around the World or Across the Country, Logistics Starts in Grapevine

Around the World or Across the Country, Logistics Starts in Grapevine Main Photo

27 Jun 2024

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A Gateway for International Trade

Grapevine, Texas, is an unsung inland gateway for international trade and the logistics industry. This pronouncement should come as no surprise, considering the city shares territory with one of the nation’s top cargo airports, Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) International, and sits at the center of the vast ground shipping hub that converges on the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. In recognition of National Logistics Day, June 28, this article highlights the features and establishments that have made the logistics industry a key component of Grapevine’s economic landscape. 

Pairing global reach with domestic market access  

The whole world is within reach of historic downtown Grapevine, as the city center is just six minutes away from the main terminal of DWF Airport and direct flights to over 30 countries. While DFW is often lauded as one of the busiest airports in the world for passenger travel, ranked third by the Airports Council International in 2023, it also ranks among the top 10 U.S. airports for international trade. In 2023, 253,000 metric tons of international freight shipments, valued at over $63 billion, passed through DFW Airport, making it the 9th busiest U.S. airport for international trade by value. Currently, DFW is a hub for Indo-Pacific commerce, with Vietnam, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and India counted among its top 10 foreign markets. These markets collectively account for 52% of the international trade flowing through the airport. 

DFW Airport provides Grapevine with global connectivity, but these international connections are only half the story of this logistics epicenter. Another factor in Grapevine becoming a nexus for international trade flows is the city’s ground transportation network, which provides exceptional access to U.S. domestic markets. Facilities located in Grapevine have access to multiple interstate highways (I-35, I-20, and I-45) and intermodal terminals of three Class I railway carriers (Burlington Northern-Santa Fe [BNSF], Canadian Pacific Kansas City [CPKC], and Union Pacific). With these extensive ground transportation connections, companies in Grapevine can reach all major North American markets, including 98% of the U.S. population, within 48 hours by truck, including 16 hours to Chicago, 26 hours to New York, and 24 hours to Los Angeles. 

Grapevine’s logistical advantage

Grapevine and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex have well-established logistical advantages. In 2006, a study by C.F. Lynch & Associates revealed that of the 24 largest U.S. metropolitan areas, the Metroplex had the third-lowest distribution costs to the top 50 consumer markets. Similarly, the Metroplex was at the top of a 2021 list of the best metro areas for a distribution center produced by the Site Selection Group. Given the city’s logistical advantages regarding accessibility and cost, Grapevine has become a prime location for businesses in the transportation and warehousing industrial sector. Data from the Census Bureau shows that the city boasts 173 establishments in the sector, which averages out to one logistics establishment for every 300 residents. Compared to its largest neighbors, Grapevine is punching well above its weight in terms of attracting logistics companies, as Dallas has one establishment per every 1810 residents, and Fort Worth hosts one for every 1650 residents.

Beyond statistics, Grapevine's business landscape offers many examples of companies thriving in the transportation and warehousing sector. Technical Transportation Inc., founded in 1990, has its headquarters in Grapevine, TX. Taking advantage of the city’s links to Indo-Pacific markets, Soonest Express Inc., a global logistics company with branches in the United States and Asia, has operated a warehouse and distribution center in Grapevine since 1997. Rhenus Logistics is the newest addition to the logistics ecosystem in Grapevine. Headquartered in Germany, with its Americas headquarters in Miami, Rheus has relocated some of its warehousing operations to Grapevine. 

Looking at the Metroplex’s appeal more broadly, Conway Data, the parent company of Site Selection Magazine, tracked investments in U.S. facilities with a logistics function from 2021 to 2023. This study found that the Metroplex attracted 529 projects, making it the second most popular destination for these types of projects. To this point, GTIS Partners recently commenced construction on the 121 Commerce Center, a 272,160-square-foot industrial development in Grapevine. It will feature 36-foot clear heights, 54 dock doors, two ramp doors, and 403 vehicle parking spots.

Partner in economic development

June 28th is celebrated as National Logistics Day. Thus, the city of Grapevine would like to acknowledge its partners at DFW Airport, as well as the resident companies and the employees involved in the logistics industry. Thank you for all you add to Grapevine’s character, resources, and advantages.