New in Grapevine: November 2023

New in Grapevine: November 2023 Main Photo

1 Nov 2023

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The final months of the year tend to be busy here in the Christmas Capital of Texas, and this Fall is no exception. A long list of vendors opened new locations or refreshed existing ones just before that last cold front rolled through, and we've assembled a representative list below. As always, you can find the entire list of new business openings over at For now, here are a few appetizers to whet your appetite for new and exciting concepts!

Oishii Officially Rolls Into Grapevine

If you're a dedicated reader of the #GrowingGrapevine newsletter or a highly involved member of the Grapevine community, you already know all about Oishii. If not, you're in for an exciting surprise! Chef Thanh Nguyen is bringing his beloved Dallas restaurant to Grapevine, just north of Highway 114, and he's bringing a few new twists alongside his famous special rolls. Rumor has it he's created a special sushi roll named after our City, which is grape news that's vine by us.

Dutch Bros is About to Get a Sister Store

If your commute takes you up Highway 26 instead of down Northwest Highway but you've been detouring just for a sweet, sweet cup of joe, we have good news. Grapevine's second Dutch Bros is scheduled to open soon and has already received a Certificate of Occupancy.  Famous for good vibes, strong flavors, and drive-thru convenience, this chain is clearly looking to do more than sip around and wait for new customers.

Amplified Counseling Offers Personalized, Collaborative Support

We've all learned a lot over the last few years, mostly because we've been through a lot in the last few years. If you - like thousands of others - are looking for a little help as you process challenges or new experiences, Julie Benvenuto is here to help. A licensed counselor with a collaborative approach, Benvenuto accepts most major insurance providers and offers direct booking online. We'd normally put a punchline here, but mental health is no joke!

So Prestigious They're Ubiquitous 

Ever used a public restroom? There's a good chance you've interacted with some of Prestige Distribution's work. Their new office on Highway 360 will help facilitate orders for everything from soap and paper towel dispensers to baby changing stations. So next time you're washing your hands and checking your hair in the mirror out in the wild, say a quiet “thanks” to Grapevine's new office user. Or don't. It's a public bathroom, after all.

Local Family Looks to Score a Hat Trick

They say that Necessity is the Mother of Invention, and in this case, she's a hockey mom. Tired of fighting for ice time at the limited number of local rinks, the family behind Grapevine's new hockey retail and training facility decided to do what they could to get everyone in the game. With a full-sized synthetic ice rink and a wealth of snacks and gear for your skaters, Hat Trick Sports Center is definitely a cool addition to Northwest Plaza. We think they'll stick around for a while.

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