New in Grapevine : October 2023

New in Grapevine : October 2023 Main Photo

1 Oct 2023

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Once again, a new month brings new excitement to Grapevine! All kinds of new businesses are sprouting here, and this month brings a collection of tasty treats alongside more top-quality healthcare and important services. As usual, we've picked a few unique offerings that show the diversity and strength of the local market. Here are five notable new businesses in Grapevine:

Grapevine Mills Lands a Master of Macarons

You're likely more cultured than we are, so you already know the difference between macaroons and macarons. But even the uninitiated will find something to love at Melody's Macarons, purveyors of all manner of sweet treats. Founded by a husband-and-wife team right here in Texas, this upstart startup bakes everything from cookies to cakes in-house and from scratch. And, of course, Melody and her staff will be happy to set you up with just about any kind of macaron you like. The seasonal exclusives strike us as especially sumptuous.

Building the Besa Pizza Around, One Pie at a Time

To the casual observer, Besa's Pizza replaced Chelsea Pizza in a one-for-one swap at Heritage Square. But the story behind the Shala family's restaurant is anything but straightforward. Having fled from war in their native Kosovo to seek better healthcare and opportunities for their daughter, Besa, Al and Blerina Shala are fond of saying that they're “living the American dream, one pizza at a time.” Everything on the menu looks spectacular, but the homemade cannoli and limoncello cake have been calling to us all week.

They're Officially Open (and That's No Bull)

Every once in a while, companies in Grapevine are allowed to open and operate before receiving their official certificate of occupancy. So if you've already enjoyed a burger or craft cocktail from Bohemian Bull, you can rest assured that you did nothing wrong and your mind isn't playing tricks on you. This hot new spot on Northwest Highway finally has the paperwork to match its rave reviews. Of course, if you're a stickler for the rules and wanted to wait until all the i's were dotted and t's were crossed, we suspect the food will taste just as good.

Baylor Scott & White Gets a Heart Center Transplant

If that list of awesome new venues got your heart racing, you've got a new resource for making sure everything's in order. The Premier Heart Center, a Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist in the hospital district, is now open and accepting new patients! In some ways, we hope you never find yourself in need of their services. But it's safe to say that having a heart specialist and not needing one is way better than the inverse. It's also safer to say that sentence out loud than to try and say “Cardiac Electrophysiologist" five times, fast.

BC Counselors Offer Legal Services for the Common Era

We're fairly certain that the staff at BC Counselors don't actually predate the Gregorian Calendar, but they've definitely got a wealth of experience to draw from. Michael A. Betts and Spencer Chaffin (the titular ‘B’ and 'C') lead a firm that specializes in estate planning, business transaction services, and business planning. With offices in Grapevine and Oklahoma City and a customer-first approach, BC Counselors is dedicated to long-term thinking centered on relationships and your leading interests.

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