Spotlight on Entrepreneurs: Grapevine Averages 13.7 New Businesses per Month

Spotlight on Entrepreneurs: Grapevine Averages 13.7 New Businesses per Month Main Photo

18 Nov 2022


Through innovation, use of underutilized resources, and focus on underserved areas of market economies, entrepreneurs act as the wheels of economic growth. Texas posted some impressive stats in 2022. The entire Lone Star State will have 3.1 million small businesses (making up 99.8 percent of all businesses in Texas) that employ 4.9 million people or 44.5 percent of the employees in the state.

Grapevine, Texas, is doing its part to add to these numbers. The City is on-pace to issue more verified new certificates of occupancy this year than in 2021! With only two months remaining in the calendar year, the City is averaging 13.7 new businesses per month.

While monthly listings of recently opened Grapevine businesses can be found here, Grapevine Economic Development is seizing the opportunity of National Entrepreneurship Month to spotlight two of our region’s seasoned entrepreneurs. Discover how businesses achieve success in Grapevine through their experiences.

Mad Duck Cyclery

Mad Duck Cyclery has served the North Texas area and beyond for almost twenty years. The group at Mad Duck is passionate about all things bicycle.

Clarence Muller, Co-Owner of Mad Duck Cyclery, delved into our questions.

What have you enjoyed most about starting your own company as an entrepreneur?

“Starting our own company has allowed us to share our passion for cycling and become part of a great community.”  

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently when you were first starting out?

“We knew so little about running a business when we started. There have been a number of surprises along the way, and they are still coming. We did learn that you should be very focused on doing just a few things really well … and, of course, be flexible to admit when you were off target.”

Why did you decide to establish your company in Grapevine? Have you received any assistance from Grapevine?

“We lived in Grapevine and knew that if we were to start a business, Grapevine was the perfect spot. This allows us to make an impact in the place we live. The city has been helpful in guiding us through the processes and educating us.”

What do you like about doing business in the Grapevine community?

“Grapevine has an incredible amount of amenities for any business, from an international airport, expanding train service, highway infrastructure, natural resources, receptive government, quality housing, entertainment options, and a wonderful community spirit. It's a perfect blend of small town feel with big city resources.”

What else would you like readers to know about your business?

“We are passionate about helping people experience the feeling they had when they were a child on a bike. While any bicycle store can sell you a bike, we want to provide the ‘Experience of True Freedom’ that a bicycle can bring you.”

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ZAG Media

Zag medoaZAG Media is a single source for all outdoor billboard locations and a provider of digital advertising. Outdoor locations are provided from all operators in all markets. Digital ad campaigns provide detailed demographic audiences that are delivered on a variety of platforms, including the Google Display Network, Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, and Yahoo Native ads.

Eric Sickman, President of ZAG Media, shared his experiences and expertise.

What do you like about your business/being an entrepreneur? 

“I like the independence to cherry-pick the best outdoor locations and blend just the right amount of each digital platform for my campaigns. Not being a representative of one versus another allows the freedom to use what best fits each advertiser and campaign. My motivation is continuing to be able to serve my clients with the latest opportunities and technologies available. The recent advancements in digital reporting and digital out-of-home are exciting and fun to work with.”  

Digital Out-Of-Home advertising is where promotional media is dynamically and digitally displayed in public spaces. For example, a dynamic display of hotel advertisements is played on screens in an airport arrival hall.

Why did you decide to establish your company in Grapevine? 

“My day starts with a dog walk along Horseshoe trails by the lake. I have been a resident since 1999, and on weekends I enjoy being a Little League umpire. The Oak Grove fields are the best. For several years I commuted from Dallas, but that took too much time out of my day.”    

“For ZAG Media, from our central location in Grapevine, it’s convenient to travel to site locations or clients.”    

What are the benefits of working out of VentureX, a premier coworking space? 

“Before VentureX, I started off renting an office with a door but felt like a man in a box. I moved to another coworking space that was sold, and I have now been at VentureX for over a year. It’s a first-class professional space with amenities. I enjoy being around people during the day and have made friendships with other workers. Cabin fever sets in quickly for me when working from my house. I much prefer having a place to work and being out during the day.”

What do you like about doing business in the Grapevine community?  

“One of my clients has been the TEXRail train from DFW Airport to Fort Worth. I think it’s great that the Hotel Vin and train station anchor Main Street. ZAG Media is using the latest advertising technology to attract riders. My friends and associates more often want to meet me in Grapevine for the restaurants and golf course.”   

What else would you like readers to know about your business?

“I enjoy working with local businesses on both large and small projects. From a simple logo or images, I can create art to be live in the air above a freeway or animated to spec for social and digital ads. I am always available to discuss different tactics that can be used to reach desired audiences by displaying a company’s message with the best opportunity for success.”   

Grapevine Economic Development

The City of Grapevine is tailor-made for entrepreneurship. Grapevine offers all of the perks of Texas — no state income tax — plus cost-efficient office space and storefronts coupled with an enviable overall quality of life. It’s the perfect place for young professionals with its affordability and vibrant hometown feel. Here, businesses are thriving, dining and entertainment choices abound, the school district is topnotch, and there’s always a festival or event going on.

Please contact Grapevine Economic Development for further assistance with your business and entrepreneurial needs. We are ready to help! Texas start-up guides and resources can be found here.

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