What Is Sustainable Entrepreneurship, and Why Does it Matter?

17 Nov 2022


A few years ago, in a pre-pandemic time when congregating with masses of handshake-wielding professionals wasn't reckless endangerment, I sat in the audience at a Collision Conference session in New Orleans. I listened as Ana Kasparian interviewed panelists and dot-com-era tech pundits Naveen Jain and Robert Scoble. Kasparian's series of thought-provoking questions could be summarized this way: What is the tech entrepreneur's ethical responsibility to answer for the ramifications of their technology? Naveen and Scoble's responses to the session, the title of which aptly referenced Silicon Valley's superhero complex, portrayed a romantic view of entrepreneurship and business venturing. Their sentiment? It's up to the next generation's entrepreneurial action to fix the mistakes of the past.

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