New In Grapevine: May 2022

New In Grapevine: May 2022 Main Photo

6 Jun 2022

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May proved to be Grapevine's most prolific month yet for new business openings in 2022! Almost two dozen new vendors opened their doors (or, at least, obtained their certificates of occupancy) last month, offering everything from tasty food to life-saving medical services. While there isn't room for all of the awesomeness here in our monthly round-up, there are so many exciting announcements that our team had a hard time deciding who to feature. Here's a short list:

The Ones You Already Heard About

Some of the biggest projects Grapevine has ever seen made their public announcements last month. If you follow our Grapevine Economic Development on social, you know that Grapevine Mills is now home to an official Stranger Things store and will soon see the opening of Meow Wolf's fourth-ever portal. Just as impactful, in a totally different way: Paycom is bringing 1,000+ jobs to the City and hosted their official ribbon-cutting at a beautiful new campus just a few weeks ago.

There is Plenty of ABA in Foxhole

Children and teens with autism have a new resource in Grapevine's Foxhole Therapies, LLC.This talented team of specialists uses evidence-based techniques like Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Natural Environment Teaching (NET), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and advocacy to support children and families navigating the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder. They can even provide training for parents and professionals seeking to better support members of their community. Locally owned with multiple insurance plans accepted.

We Want to Pump You(r Concrete) Up

With three main locations across the US, Concrete Pump Supply is a tenured provider of construction materials and services dedicated to helping contractors finish their jobs safely and on schedule. Their new Grapevine location is just about equidistant to offices in Georgia and California, reinforcing the strategic value of our City in a nationwide distribution network for companies of all shapes and sizes. Sadly, Hans and Franz aren't available to help you pour concrete, but you'll likely prefer the 150 years of combined experience at Concrete Pump Supply over a couple of disparaging personal trainers.

Ben's Cookies Are a Chunk Off the Old Block

Internationally beloved cookies packed with chocolate chunks (never chips) are coming to Grapevine. UK-based Ben's Cookies have chosen Grapevine for their first location here in the USA, and we're betting they can list a baker's dozen reasons why. The confectionary joins a long list of exciting vendors sweetening the deal for shoppers at Grapevine Mills. After forty years, this Great British Bakery is off on a great adventure here in North Texas, with your taste buds invited along for the ride.

Make Memories Worth 1,000 Words, Not 1,000 Bucks

Given the choice between supporting the arts and supporting small business owners, we say: "Why not both?!" So when Certified Professional Photographer Laura Kellerman launched her new studio on College Street, we had cause to celebrate. Kellerman offers everything from family photos to personal branding for professionals, with custom printing and layout options available in-house. Now there's a service that deserves some exposure (if that photography joke hits you the wrong way, you might try adjusting your shudder speed)!