There Is Actually A ‘Christmas Capital Of Texas’ And This Small Town Goes All Out

10 Nov 2021


Texas is a state full of fun and adventure all year round. It is not only the second-largest state in America, but it also welcomes more than 72 million visitors every single year. They come to witness the various unique attractions that the state has to offer. From San Antonio’s River Walk, the historic Alamo, Houston’s space center, and the marvelous Big Bend National Park, to the magical Padre Island National Seashore, Austin’s State Capitol, and the Guadalupe Mountains national park, visitors that come to Texas will get lost in the never-ending unique and culturally-rich attractions.

However, there’s one thing that sets Texas apart from its rivals, and those are its festivals and holiday celebrations. Notably, during Christmas, the state’s cities are turned into marvelous festive towns that boast several fantastic activities and celebrations that one can dream of attending.

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