Eight Great Reasons Businesses are Moving to Grapevine

Eight Great Reasons Businesses are Moving to Grapevine Main Photo

17 Feb 2021

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People who live and work in Grapevine love the convenient location, sophisticated amenities, historic charm, and community atmosphere. And they aren’t the only ones! Businesses are choosing Grapevine because it offers so many awesome advantages. Here are eight great reasons companies keep springing up in Grapevine. 

1.) Low Overall Cost of Doing Business. Dallas-Fort Worth offers all of the business advantages of the other major metropolitan areas in the U.S. at a lower price. (Dallas is 4% below the national average. Fort Worth is about 8% below.) 

2.) No need to overpay your workforce. Grapevine offers a high quality of life on realistic wages and salaries. People who come from other major metros are immediately aware of across-the-board savings. Homeowners in Grapevine are enjoying a newly lowered property tax rate, Texas residents pay no personal income tax, healthcare costs less than the national average, families in Grapevine can send their kids to excellent public schools, and newcomers often comment on low prices on all kinds of essentials and amenities, too. 

3.) Ready, robust, and complete infrastructure with room for growth. Everything a business needs (power, water, broadband) is ready to plug into at the property line. Business owners can essentially turn the crank and get started, and a multitude of supplier options make for competitive rates across the board. 

4.) Tax-friendly business climate. There’s no state income tax at the personal or corporate level in Texas. Grapevine makes that deal even sweeter by having one of the lowest property tax rates in the state. In addition to being tax friendly, Texas offers a business-friendly regulatory environment.

5.) Track record of success for diverse businesses. The antiquated stereotype of Texas being a land of ranchers and oil barons is long gone. Today’s Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex is a dynamic, cosmopolitan region with a highly educated population and a broad array of companies. Grapevine’s mix of industries includes manufacturing, medical, hospitality, retail, financial, technology and more.

Main Street Grapevine6.) Exceptional Local Support. Grapevine’s Economic Development staff  are dedicated to helping businesses on individualized terms. They know how to listen, analyze, and come up with creative solutions that help support business success in meaningful ways. In addition to having the tools businesses need, they approach their work with a unique level of drive and accountability. They pay personal visits to hundreds of local businesses to keep a finger on the pulse of current challenges and opportunities in a proactive manner. 

In simple terms, doing business in Grapevine will allow you to partner with a team of responsive, resourceful professionals who want your company to be their next business success story.  

7.) The scale of the Texas economy makes for more opportunity. Texas has money. If it were a country, it would have the 10th-largest economy in the world. The four major cities in Texas are all a short drive from one another and together comprise nearly 20 million people. What’s more, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to many large corporations, giving local startupsa good chance of landing a large client early in the game. 

8.) Location, location, location. Grapevine is at the crossroads of seven major interstate highways and is one of four cities that plays host  to DFW International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world for both passenger and freight services. Since Grapevine is a popular destination, consumer-facing businesses are happy to report a 15-20% uptick in sales after opening a Grapevine location. 

Want to learn more about doing business in Grapevine?  Email Bob Farley, the Director of Grapevine Economic Development at bfarley@grapevinetexas.gov