New in Grapevine: February 2024

New in Grapevine: February 2024 Main Photo

6 Feb 2024

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A new year means more new businesses in Grapevine! As usual, companies of every size and type chose to launch or relocate here in our City last month, and we've got a representative list for the curious to explore. Restaurants and white-collar services led the way in early 2024, with plenty of new caffeination stations and some notable personal services coming to town.

Fresh Brew + Milk + Boba  = Totally Tea

A fast-growing pandemic startup is now serving tasty treats at Grapevine Mills! Totally Tea is bursting like boba onto the scene in multiple states, and our iconic shopping center was first in line for expansion once again. If you think this is just another sugary syrup-from-the-bag tea shop, you might want to tapioca the brakes: all ingredients at Totally Tea are carefully sourced and both the tea and pearls are crafted on-site.

All Smiles for the American Orthodontic Society's Relocation

The American Orthodontic Society has called Grapevine home for some time now, offering courses and support for current and future dentists alike. Whether you have your wires crossed and want to start fresh or need to drill down into some continuing education, these are your people. AOS will be relocating from an office near the Mills to a new place on Hwy 26; no word yet on whether they're trying to put distance between their sweet tooths and all that tasty tea.

If It's in the Law, Kearney, McWilliams & Davis Know About It

It's probably easier to list the specializations this firm doesn't have: auto collisions and personal injury. We're pretty sure that's it. They can handle everything from estate planning to intellectual property, employment, and immigration law, making them as close to a one-stop shop as a law firm can get. Sort out your taxes, work on sustainability agreements, and even finalize your real estate play: you can do it all here. The only thing they aren't likely to do is help you buy their place on Main Street.

Trinity Takes the Title of Grapevine's Newest Lender

With offices all over the metroplex and further south in Austin, Trinity Title is a trusted resource for Texans looking to make their move in real estate. Trinity has resources for homeowners, lenders, and real estate agents; the Trifecta in personal property. Two decades of experience and thirty-two counties come together under their umbrella, so we wouldn't bet against them in the hunt for the State Title in Titles… if that was a real thing.

America Might Run on Dunkin' But Grapevine Runs to It

Coffee shops have been popping up around Grapevine as if an overcaffeinated planner got a hold of a map and charted the course for half a dozen companies, but this one has been long-awaited since it was announced last summer. Back then, the only way to get your Dunkin' fix in Grapevine was to book a flight and drop by a Dunkin' inside DFW International Airport, which was both cost-prohibitive and time-inefficient. Not to mention the fact that you'd have to leave Grapevine. Who wants to do that?

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