New in Grapevine: September 2023

New in Grapevine: September 2023 Main Photo

5 Sep 2023

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Our monthly highlight of new businesses in Grapevine is usually built to showcase the incredible diversity of this market, combining retailers with restaurants and office users to give you a broad-spectrum view of the City. But some months, the trends are too powerful to ignore. In our September roundup of new ventures, we're highlighting the way shifting economic trends have impacted everything from logistics companies to bakeries. Here are some prime examples:

Quicktron Robotics, Inc Picks Grapevine

Focused on robotics automation, Quicktron Robotics specializes in offering a versatile array of mobile robots and complete automation solutions tailored for warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Their goods-to-person picking solutions provide exceptional benefits, including high-density storage and accelerated order fulfillment, while their point-to-point transfer solutions enhance factory intralogistics efficiency. Quicktron's robotic solutions liberate human labor from tasks like traversing long distances on warehouse floors, navigating complex environments, and handling various tasks such as storage, picking, packing, and goods transportation. Here's to more engaged minds and fewer worn-out sneakers!

No Grain Necessary: Pinch of Salt is Definitely Here

If you've been tempted by a delicious pastry at the Farmer's Market on Main Street or in any number of local coffee shops, you've probably already experienced the opulent genius that makes Pinch of Salt sodium good. Creator and owner Abby Dumont specializes in gluten-free and wheat-free treats, but her talented team can accommodate just about any dietary need. The storefront inside Stacy's Furniture isn't up and running yet, but you can still place orders for pickup. And, honestly, that might be your best bet moving forward: we can only imagine the lines of footsore furniture shoppers that will be queuing up for sweet release while they debate the pros and cons of a new sectional.

A Total Eclipse of the Home

You might have noticed that the housing market here in DFW has all but literally caught fire of late. Whether folks were moving in or upgrading, the last few years have seen a dramatic transformation of residential supply in Grapevine and our surrounding cities. Plenty of folks are feeling stuck in their homes or pressed to renovate, and the family behind Eclipse Custom Homes is here to help. Trenton Brown, Coby Minton, and Tracy Minton launched their company in 2020, so they know a thing or two about the current market… and they're ready to help build anything from new rooms to new homes.

Antique Revival Gets an Off-Main Revival

Antique Revival, a longtime staple on Main Street, will find new life with a smaller footprint behind Farina's. The refurbished storefront is listed as a combination of antique service and storage, so it's not yet clear whether the Barton Street location will be a miniaturized version of the classic experience or a more boutique-style service for clients with challenging restoration projects. Either way, it's probably worth dropping by the new digs rather than sitting at home and gathering dust.

Latest Warehouse is Bigger Deal Than It Siemens

The Siemens name might not resonate with most people in a random street poll, but the company has a hand in just about every major industry that touches Grapevine. From software to manufacturing and transportation, the Siemens brand is all about innovation and exceptional quality… two things we value pretty highly in Grapevine. Their new office/warehouse space will take up nearly 10,000 square feet in Grapevine, making the addition one of the largest to come online this month. Like many users with a big demand for floor space, Siemens will be making a home in the stretch of specialty buildings that line Portamerica Place.

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