New in Grapevine: April 2023

New in Grapevine: April 2023 Main Photo

1 Apr 2023


The initial flurry of new businesses looking to open in 2023 has slowed, but it's rare to see a month without at least a handful of new ventures here in Grapevine. While most of the certificates of occupancy issued in the last month were for businesses changing their names, ownership, or location within the City, we pulled a handful of interesting new vendors from the report to highlight the market's depth and breadth.

Get in the Right Headspace with MD Trucare

The human body is incredibly complex, and few systems need as much maintenance or observation as the ones that regulate our thoughts and chemical balances. MD Trucare serves patients with needs related to the endocrine system, psychiatric consultations, and sleep disorders. We're hoping you don't have to deal with those, but the next best thing is to have a great resource when you do!

Omnicell? More Like Omnichannel.

Settling in just north of the Medical District around Baylor Scott and White, Onmicell is a specialized pharmacist merging digital systems with real-world services to optimize healthcare for inpatient and outpatient settings. Unless you're a physician, it's unlikely that you'll be working directly with their intelligent infrastructure... but you'll probably benefit from it soon enough!

Entrepreneurs Putting Down - and Touching Up - Roots

Judging from the reviews on social media, Salon Neka is a standout small business with a lean, client-first digital presence. Evidently, Neekaa Jay stays busy booking clients through social media and giving them fresh new cuts. She's not alone, either: Elma Yulieth Aestethics Skin & Body Care just arrived in Grapevine, so fresh that the website isn't even online yet! You can still find Elma on Google Maps, though! 

He. Is. RossHicks (Bum-ba-DUM-dum-dum-dun-dum)

Grapevine welcomes another service-oriented insurance agent in Ross Hicks, a local representative of Farmers Insurance. He'll help you customize your coverage to fit any need and budget. No word yet if he'll OK our loose parody of the national advertising push.