That’s a Wrap on a Successful Season One of ‘Growing Grapevine’! Season Two is Here!

That’s a Wrap on a Successful Season One of ‘Growing Grapevine’! Season Two is Here! Main Photo

4 Feb 2023


Why did Grapevine Economic Development launch a podcast? The short answer is to authentically and organically tell the story of Grapevine. The far-reaching benefit is to stand out in the already blockbuster economy of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex.

Texas is a business-friendly state with favorable tax policies and regulations, and there is no hotter market for job creation, tech, and corporate relocations than the northern DFW region. Within that metroplex, Grapevine sparkles. Fun facts: a portion of the DFW airport sits right in Grapevine, and the city is the official  Christmas Capital of Texas.

Grapevine has extensive business and transportation advantages and assets galore, but how exactly does a city of around 55,000 residents attract millions of annual visitors and have enough convention space for each resident to spread out on the floor without bumping into a neighbor? The secret sauce is  . . . revealed in the first season of “Growing Grapevine.

“Growing Grapevine Season One: Big Fish” explores the 50-year history of Grapevine’s evolution, delving into the genesis and success of major projects that shaped the city into a high-tech — yet, high-touch — place to work and live. Grapevine is a complex community built on escape and entertainment that planning and strength of culture transformed into a booming marketplace.

“We want to be sure executives, developers, and real estate agents have a front-row seat to all the things that make this city special so that we can work together to bring in new businesses that will thrive here,” said Steven Jones, Market Research Manager, Grapevine Economic Development. “At the same time, the podcast is our opportunity to highlight existing businesses with an eye towards retention.” 

From the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center that put Grapevine on the map to the influx of corporate headquarters that followed, “Growing Grapevine” connects the dots and lifts the curtain. It also piqued interest. The podcast was downloaded 1,075 times in its first 10-episode 2022 season! That’s significant. Achieving around 25-30 downloads a month puts a podcast into the top 50 percent, according to Buzzsprout’s monthly podcast download numbers.

Check out this 5-star review:

I enjoyed this podcast and the information the contributors shared. It will make you want to plan a trip (or in my case, another trip) to Grapevine this season and it will help you appreciate all that goes into being “The Christmas Capital of Texas.” The commentator was memorable and engaging and I look forward to hearing more from him next episode.

While most of Season One wove the economic tapestry of the past, the finale, “Grapevine 2030,” looked to the future to explore the “sweet spot” of convergence between entertainment, retail, and creative work. One thing is certain; Grapevine Economic Development will remain proactive in building a deeper foundation for the market created and shaped over the past half-century.

Season Two: (r)Evolutionary has launched! "Growing Grapevine” returns with an in-depth look at the shopping center at the heart of the city. From its arrival in 1997 to an overhaul in the 2010s and an innovative new lineup on the horizon, Grapevine Mills is a microcosm of the community and its success. Listeners can also look for a fun episode or two in 2023, in the vein of 2022’s “Ghost Town.” We’re not exactly saying it will drop on April 1st, but you’d be a fool not to tune in.

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