New in Grapevine: June 2022

New in Grapevine: June 2022 Main Photo

7 Jul 2022

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It's rare for new business openings here in Grapevine to come in theme sets, but June 2022 saw a special undercurrent: health and wellness providers come to the City in droves! From fitness providers to physical and behavioral therapy, there's no shortage of exciting options to help you beat the summer heat.

Here's a short list of new companies who now call Grapevine home:

Start Living Your Best Pilates Life

This woman-owned and operated fitness provider leads one-on-one sessions for pilates practitioners of any level. If you're looking for a new way to keep your body sculpted and your mind sharp, The Pilates Life might be for you. If you're already living a Pilates Life... you've got some great new partners!

Get Your Strength Back with QC Kinetix

Of course, if your last attempt at Increased Flexibility pulled something out of joint, QC Kinetix may be a better fit. Specializing in non-surgical regenerative wellness, the QC team targets chronic pain and sports injury recovery in common problem areas such as shoulders, hips, and joints. They're up to Emmitt Smith's standards, too; so we know it's a good fit here in Grapevine.

Action Behavior Centers Expand Your Autism Resources

Founded in Texas with a network spanning 4 states and 3,000 professionals, Action Behavior Centers (ABC) provide resources and support to autistic children and their families. Utilizing empirically-proven techniques customed to each individual, ABC helps the whole family support children with Autism as they pursue their greatest potential.

MD Integrated Marketing is More Than a Spin Doctor

All these new medical providers will have a helpful resource the minute they land here in Grapevine. MD Integrated Marketing specializes in digital and traditional advertising packages that connect doctors with patients. They've got a rich history of partnerships with healthcare and wellness providers that's sure to succeed in the midst of this wellness wave!

Manage Your Time and Money at Movado Company Store

If you're booking medical appointments with all those wonderful providers, it'll be important to keep track of time. But it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get a timepiece on your wrist! Enter Movado Company Store and their collection of high-quality watches and jewelry at outlet prices. Just don't blame them when you lose track of time staring at your handsome new watch!