How to Stamp Out Employee Burnout

26 Oct 2021


There’s been much made of an impending “turnover tsunami” lately, with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) being one of the first to sound the warning bell for organizations working hard to fill open positions and, especially, to recruit talent for hard-to-fill roles during a pandemic that continues to create challenges for employers and employees alike.

Before the pandemic, employees had been suffering from a range of mental health issues business owners were attempting to address. Since the pandemic, these issues have only gotten worse.

Employee stressors taking a toll

Employees feel out of control because, to a large degree, they are. They have no control over the virus, or over government and employer mandates that threaten to impact both their lives and livelihoods. And they don’t know what to expect next because, in truth, no one knows what to expect next.   

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