PPP case studies: Grapevine sees ROI for kindness, innovation and hard work

15 Jul 2021


After more than a year of coronavirus restrictions, the state of Texas is bouncing back. Having outperformed pandemic-adjusted benchmarks for 2020, the Lone Star State’s economy is on track for a strong reopening in spite of the tough questions Americans face after a year in quarantine. It’s been a tumultuous year for most of the workforce, and employers are entering a hectic season of staffing and profit margin decisions now that most everyone can safely return to work.

Of course, not everyone wants to jump back into the same career they left behind a year ago. Employers will need to think differently as they face stiffer wage competition. Most small businesses anticipate another six months of recovery, which makes 2021 a strategic year, in which even a slight advantage could create exponential momentum. This is the time to sprint ahead of the competition.

That’s much easier to do if you stayed ahead of the hiring and innovation curve set in motion by the pandemic. This was, theoretically, the point of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). In that vein, the City of Grapevine provides an interesting case study in favor of the oldest tricks in the book: investing in your people, adapting to the market and making the most of the opportunities you’re given.

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