New in Grapevine: December 2023

New in Grapevine: December 2023 Main Photo

6 Dec 2023

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With the Christmas Capital of Texas in full swing, it makes sense to see a fresh batch of retailers looking for a new home here in Grapevine at the end of the calendar year. This month, we saw some truly unique and interesting vendors choose Grapevine. And, as usual, we pulled a representative selection from the full list of Certificates of Occupancy issued in the last month.

That's No Moon Shot, That's a Golf Station

Thanks in part to a highly-praised municipal course and the Cowboys golf course next door, Grapevine has been a golf destination for a long time. Now, golfers have a new resource right in the heart of the transit district: Golf Station. Offering everything from club fitting to personalized game improvement strategies, Golf Station is sure to be a ready resource for visitors and residents alike here in Grapevine.

The Gift That Says “Eye Love You”

Personalized gifts are all the rage these days, with more and more retailers offering customization options for popular products. But only one lets you transform a photo of your own iris into custom art, and that's Uniqueye. Their photo studios have appeared in several malls across the country, and the latest c/o report indicates that they'll be opening at Grapevine Mills soon.

Get Some Chefs in Your Corner

Over the last few years, we all learned the value of a strong supply chain… especially when it comes to food. Chef's Corner is a resource for restaurants, school systems, and higher education establishments looking to spice up their menu offerings. Specializing in pan-Asian cuisine and using an individual flash-freezing process to ensure quality, the folks at Chef's Corner will be using their new Grapevine office to serve up delicious entrees, grains, and sauces for all kinds of customers.

When Jet Fuel Isn't a Metaphor

How many times have you read a book on business that promises to help you unlock the secrets of success by providing “jet fuel” for your processes? Well, for Allied Aviation, the jet fuel behind their success is… actual jet fuel. With a new office on Minter's Chapel, Allied is in a prime position to serve the ever-expanding list of airline operators scheduling thousands of flights to and from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

A Different Kind of Poking and Prodding

Healthcare providers are amazing, but sometimes going to the doctor feels like asking for a full-contact inspection of every little ache and pain. If you're on the hunt for an alternative method, Eastern Wisdom Acupuncture Center might be for you! Their team offers acupuncture, cupping therapy, therapeutic massage, and homeopathic remedies with centuries of tradition behind them. Look for their office to open Monday-Saturday on South Main Street soon.

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