New in Grapevine: October 2022

New in Grapevine: October 2022 Main Photo

2 Nov 2022

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With another prolific month of new openings, the City of Grapevine is officially on-pace to issue more verified new certificates of occupancy this year than last! Only two months remain in the calendar year, but we're averaging 13.7 new businesses per month in 2022. To see a full listing of every certificate of occupancy issued so far this year, visit The list below is a sample chosen from the most recent report to highlight a diverse mix of businesses in which residents may be uniquely interested.

Hoffbrau Set for November Grand Opening

While the steak house won't formally open its doors for a few more weeks, the team is officially moved in! For service-oriented companies and restaurants like Hoffbrau, a Certificate of Occupancy is just one step on the road to a successful launch. No doubt there are still a few final touches, training sessions, and menu surprises in the works before Grapevine's newest eatery is open to the public. But we're confident that it will be worth the wait!

Chicken N Pickle is Ready... for Its Executive Team

If you've set tires on Highway 121 in the last few months, you know that Chicken N Pickle is nearing completion. The facade is mostly built and the branding is in place now, but this certificate of occupancy marks another important step forward: the offices attached to the restaurant are fully operational. Great news for a staff that will be overseeing one of the largest Chicken N Pickle properties in the state!

The Signal is Strong with Red River Telecom

Most of the time, we don't have to think about how our cell phones operate. But for telecommunications professionals, the process is fairly complex! Finding a place to build towers, securing the site and permits, and building the actual infrastructure can be hard work. That's where Red River comes in: their team of professionals serves clients all over the Southeastern United States!

Craftsman Creative Brings a Hefty Portfolio to Grapevine

What if we told you that a Grapevine company had partnered with HP, Freeform, VitaminWater, and Disney? Those are just a few of the clients listed in the marketing portfolio at Craftsman Creative, an expansive marketing agency specializing in brand identity. Whether you need a fresh logo, new video content, or an overall strategy for bringing your brand together, you can trust the craftsmanship over on Lucas Dr.

Fieldhouse Goes Interactive with Shoot 360 & Direct Impact Golf

One of the City's largest public partners, Fieldhouse just keeps getting better. A pair of new vendors are making the company's massive Grapevine Mills footprint more engaging and interactive than ever. Shoot 360 uses VR interfaces and robotic assistance to hone your basketball skills, while Direct Impact Golf offers a variety of real-world and virtual tools aimed at sharpening your golf game.