Texas Smashes Total Jobs Record For 20 Months In A Row, Leads Nation In Jobs Growth

16 Jun 2023


Governor Greg Abbott today celebrated the strength of the growing Texas workforce and the state’s robust jobs economy following the release of May employment data showing Texas again smashing all previous records for total jobs, total Texans employed, and total Texas labor force. Texas has now added more than 2.1 million jobs under Governor Abbott’s leadership.  

“Texas’ robust economy stands apart as a model for the nation,” said Governor Abbott. “Not only are more Texans working than ever before, Texas leads the nation for jobs added over the last 12 months. Texas has also smashed the record for total jobs 20 months in a row, proof that jobs grow and people prosper where free enterprise flourishes. With the Texas labor force now surpassing 15 million people and larger than the population in 46 states, we truly are building an even stronger Texas of tomorrow.”

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