FAQ Check: What Do You Want to Know About Grapevine?

FAQ Check: What Do You Want to Know About Grapevine? Main Photo

12 Jan 2023

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You love Grapevine. If you didn't you wouldn't be reading this article. But no single person in our fine City knows everything there is to know about how it works, what's in the works, or why things here work the way they do. Our goal here in Grapevine Economic Development is to help close that knowledge gap for anyone and everyone who cares about this community. Whether you live here, work here, or want to bring your business here, we believe you're an important piece of the puzzle. And we're here to serve you! So, to help discover and answer Grapevine's most Frequently Asked Questions, we're launching a semi-regular series of special posts tailored to you: the Grapevine FAQ Check.

Tag us on social media with your questions and comments alongside the hashtag #GrapevineFAQCheck or use the shiny button below to email us directly.

Send a Question

But first, a few ground rules...

  1. Keep it clean and keep it kind.
    We understand that passionate people sometimes get carried away. To protect everyone, we're only going to entertain questions that pertain to relevant City matters, that won't get overly divisive or political as we dig into them, and that avoid name-calling or coarse language. So you can ask us why our big, dumb Market Research Manager (the guy who wrote this post) is so ugly, but don't expect to get a response.
  2. Respect our field of influence.
    This is an Economic Development feature, which means we're a little limited regarding the topics we can speak to. As you've probably seen on the blog and in the podcast, we're happy to interact with other departments and aspects of the City, but only in the context of local development and economics. So, for example, we can answer questions about the economic impact of the Parks and Recreation department... but we can't tell you why the Men's League game was canceled last Thursday.
  3. Expect reasonable restraint.
    There are loads of cool things going on in Grapevine, and we'd love to tell everyone all of them every day for eternity. Unfortunately, some of them need to stay under wraps until deals are finalized and details are certain. Any information that is available in the Public Record is up for discussion, but we won't be publishing details about contracts or developments that are still in process. That would be bad form for any partner, and we generally like it when people like working with us.
  4. Be patiently proactive.
    We're anticipating some really excellent, thoughtful questions that require extensive research to answer. So if you leave us a comment on social media or drop a question in email form, it may be days, weeks, or months before you get a full article in response. As a general rule, we aim to acknowledge any and all good questions via the channel by which they arrive. But we'l likely withhold full answers until they've been researched, vetted, and approved by any relevant parties. So keep the dialogue going, but expect a few significant... pauses.
  5. Feel free to assist!
    If you think you've got relevant information on any specific topic, we'd love to hear from you. Just remember that the rules for Offering Answers are the same as the rules for Asking Questions: be polite, keep it relevant, and don't share anything you wouldn't want to be seen publicly. Anything you send to us is fair play for posting, so be sure you've given yourself enough time and space to know you really want to send it.