How to Keep Employees Engaged in a Remote Workplace

29 Sep 2021


Remote working is now one of the more popular ways for businesses to keep their staff. The pandemic made it necessary for many companies to shift their operations into a less office-centric environment for fear of infection. Now, with vaccines available, the question has been raised as to whether businesses will continue to allow remote working for employees. Unsurprisingly, most companies have realized that remote working has made for more effective employees. Gartner mentions that 80% of firms are looking at some form of mixed working arrangement with employees still allowed to work from home for some part of the week. While this is good news for employees, it brings another concern to the table.

Employee engagement pre-pandemic

Quantum Workplace defines employee engagement as the emotional connection employees have to the work they do. Trying to raise employee engagement to a level where workers feel encouraged to do more because they love their jobs has always been a struggle for companies. Yet, with this new influx of remote workers, businesses have to rethink how they engage their employees.

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