24,459 rocks later, Grapevine display snags Guinness World Record title

8 Sep 2021


It started as a way to cope with COVID-19.

Now, Grapevine residents Ron Olsen and Chris Penny can say their pandemic project is one for the record books.

The duo began collecting and painting rocks and forming a trail with them through the city’s Parr Park in March 2020.

On Wednesday, the display that started with about 2,500 rocks contained nearly 25,000 rocks, and was awarded the title for Largest Display of Painted Pebbles from Guinness World Records. The official count is 24,459 — and Olsen and Penny say every single one of the rocks serves a purpose.

“The Rock Art Trail is a beautiful symbol of our community’s resilience and resolve in the face of such a devastating and disruptive pandemic,” Olsen said in a release.

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